Vintage style apartment in Warsaw's Mokotow district!

25 of March '22

An investor who was looking for an apartment for himself and his daughter found an exceptional place. However, the premises were in a terrible state and needed a major overhaul. Everything was taken care of by architect Anna Blaszczyk of the interior design studio Artewizjon.

w salonie królują meble nawiązujące do stylu vintage

The kitchenette was cleverly combined with the living room

Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon

sizable requirements

The interior design began with a change in the functional layout. The apartment previously had a separate kitchen with two comfortable bedrooms. The investors decided to change this layout. It was decided to combine the living room with a kitchenette and eliminate a small toilet in favor of a larger bathroom.

The living room is dominated by furniture referring to the vintage style

photo by Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon

living room with kitchenette

The mainroom connected to the kitchenette is twenty-four square meters. The interior was visually differentiated by the choice of two different floors: oak planks in the lounge area and hexagonal tiles in the kitchen area.

geometryczne wzory są widoczne w akcesoriach i na ścianach

Geometric patterns are evident in the accessories and on the walls

Photo by Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon

On the border of the kitchen annex, a dining area with a wooden table that can be unfolded was provided. Above the table there was a lamp with a lampshade made of concrete. The kitchen cabinet is composed of furniture in a grayish-blue color scheme broken with a classic shade of wood and white.

w toalecie postawiono na proste, klasyczne rozwiązania

The toilet is based on simple, classic solutions

Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon


The bedrooms are located on the left side of the hall. The first from the entrance is the father's bedroom. On the wall, oak bookshelves were decided upon. Pastel curtains are an essential element of this interior. The gray helps to calm this space.

w sypialni interesująco rozwiązano jedną ze ścian, na której znalazły się płytki

In the bedroom, one of the walls was interestingly solved with tiles

Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon

The daughter's room is kept in white and pink colors. Particularly noteworthy here is the desk with practically arranged shelves. The wallpaper mimics delicate geometric figures.

najważniejszym elementem tego wnętrza są doskonałe detale

The most important elements of this interior are excellent details

Photo by Michal Sierakowski, © Atrewizjon

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