What frustrates Poles most in interiors? We analyze data from the report

09 of May '23

Previously, we have already looked at the report's findings talking about the impact of being at home on our well-being and how interiors meet our emotional needs. Today we look at what frustrates us about the space we live in.

Home challenges

Home can have a positive impact on our mental well-being, but it also happens to cause us frustration. As many as 79% of Poles regularly experience irritation by the interior in which they live. The most common reasons for frustration are clutter (24%), household chores (18%) and lack of storage space (20%). Women are more likely than men to feel negative emotions about the home.

Najczęstszym powodem frustracji jest bałagan

The most common reason for frustration is clutter

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Fluctuating needs

Those living with children are also frustrated by a disorganized or untidy home and their roommates' different views on clutter issues. In contrast, those in the 18-24 age group indicate other reasons for irritation. For them, it is primarily the inability to make changes in the house (29%) and lack of privacy (18%). Poles also feel much less in control of how their home is organized (18%) compared to the rest of the world (37%).



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Financial difficulties

Another issue that causes us stress is finances. As many as 77% of Polish women and men are concerned about the overall economic situation in the country. In contrast, 68% are worried about household finances. Nearly half of us expect to be forced to abandon plans for renovations or changes in home decor as a result of rising living costs. In comparison, globally, only 35% of percent of respondents declared similar concerns.

Wskutek problemów finansowych rezygnujemy z remontów

As a result of financial problems, we give up on renovations

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You can read the entire report here


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