Green to me, or celadon in interiors

Subtle celadon is a shade that brings pleasant serenity to the interior. How to use this color in an arrangement?

What does the celadon color look like and what to combine it with?

Seledyn is a light, pastel shade of green. Due to the presence of gray tones, it looks very natural and suits styling in a boho climate. In contrast to mint it is a warm color. Seledyn is ideal as a base color. It is best paired with white, beige, gray and light blue. You can also get an interesting effect by juxtaposing it with other shades of green.

Kolor seledynowy łączy jasną zieleń z szarymi tonami

The celadon color combines light green with gray tones

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Celadon base

Soft green will be an apt choice for the dominant shade in the living room. You can paint all the walls with this warm and subtle color. It will bring a breath of freshness, and when combined with beige shades and light wood furniture, it will help create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere of closeness to nature. However, if you want to achieve a more minimalist arrangement, choose one surface dedicated to the celadon color, and paint the rest white. Pastel celadon will also be a graceful idea for renewing the dining room floor. You can successfully carry out such a metamorphosis yourself.

Subtelnym seledynowym możesz pomalować wszystkie ściany w salonie

With subtle celadon you can paint all the walls in the living room

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Intriguing accents

An old classic door leaf or a bentwood chair can become an unusual interior decoration, as long as you give them a new, individual character. Painting these items with enamel in a warm shade of cel adon will create a charming decoration with a touch of nostalgia. Delicate green is also an unusual idea for renewing kitchen cabinets. With a light wooden floor, a celadon carpet will also be perfect, both plain and those with a delicate pattern.

A celadon carpet will be an intriguing element of the arrangement

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Refreshing accessories

Seledyn used in the form of decoration adds originality and charm to arrangements. Due to the fact that it is an extremely delicate color, bet on distinctive forms. Pillows with original shapes and curtains with an interesting pattern will warm up the interior. Handmade ceramics in a celadon hue will also be a great choice.

 Ceramika w seledynowym odcieniu

Ceramics in a celadon shade

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