5 ways to organize your interior in Boho style

28 of June '22

How to arrange an interior in Boho style? What exactly is this style and why does it increasingly attract our attention? We present 5 ways that are necessary when creating this interior.

The origins of the Boho style date back to 19th century France. The original name is derived from the term "bohemian". This way of arranging was typical of artistic circles, who were able to mix cultural influences introducing completely new trends. In boho, we mix a variety of patterns by combining them in one unconventional way.

1 - Don't limit yourself.

When it comes to interiors in the Boho style, it is not worth limiting ourselves. We can literally mix styles and accessories. In interiors of this type it is not worth limiting ourselves, and even the opposite. Letting your imagination run wild and choosing as many accessories as possible is a good way to go. Select everything you want.

Warto się nie ograniczać

It is worth not limiting yourself

© Pexels

2 - No structure

Don't focus on the organization of any particular layout - bet on freedom. Let your daily adaptation to the interior give it a bottom-up character instead of a precise layout. Let the division in the interior create itself, based on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Niech struktura twojego wnętrza powstanie bez planu - obserwuj jak mieszkasz i dlaczego akurat tak

Let the structure of your interior emerge without a plan - observe how you live and why you live that way

© Curology

3. color scheme

In Boho, one looks primarily for soft warm colors. Of course, we can experiment by choosing more diverse colors. Sometimes it's the primacy of soft gray, sometimes a strong red accent and sometimes just a subtle navy blue addition.

W tym przypadku postawiono na wygaszoną kolorystykę, ale zawsze możemy spróbować zaszaleć

In this case, a faded color scheme was chosen, but we can always try to go wild

© Smolik and Wiatorowska

4. natural materials

Boho is also about authenticity of materials - here it is worth betting on real materials with all their realism and value. In boho interiors it is good to place fabrics such as macramé or kilim, but also small sculptures, wooden accessories or colorful pillows.

Faktury i przedmioty powinny być różnorodne

Textures and objects should be varied

Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Patrycja Rabinska, MM Architects.

5 Plants

Plants have a positive effect on our mental health, improve the air, and, which is very important in interior design, give the space coziness. The same is true in this case. Even small plants such as succulents will bring something interesting to our interiors.

naturalne dodatki jak i kwiaty to ważny element Boho

Natural accessories as well as flowers are an important element of Boho

Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Patrycja Rabinska, MM Architects.

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