Bathroom in shades of gold and brown

10 of November '23

We have already looked at the arrangement of the master zone and one of the children's rooms of a house in Warsaw's Białołęka district. Today we present a bathroom by Line.Projekt Studio.

Coherent arrangement

The first floor of the 266-square-meter house was designed for the private zone. Thus, all the bedrooms and bathrooms are located here. The entire house is maintained in one color scheme. A harmonious combination of natural dark shades and light colors is mixed with the texture of stone. This is also seen in the bathroom.

Pomiędzy strefą higieniczną a zabudową znajduje się kącik kąpielowy Pojemna zabudowa zapewnia miejsce do przechowywania

Between the hygiene area and the built-ins there is a bath corner

© Line.Projekt Studio

Elongated forms

At the very beginning, the hygiene zone catches our attention. Two, large oblong mirrors have been illuminated with a soft golden light. White washbasins of the same shape were placed on a solid brown suspended cabinet. The furniture has a stone top, as well as both capacious, deep drawers and an open shelf. In addition, lamps on long cables were hung on both sides. Atmospheric light oozes from shades made of tinted glass.

Większość wyposażenia strefy higienicznej ma podłużną formę

Most of the equipment in the hygienic area has an elongated form

© Line.Projekt Studio

Delineated by color

The architects wanted to achieve a consistent effect. So they used large-format tiles measuring 120x120cm. The same monolithic effect is also present on the floor. Areas without tiles, have been paved with a smooth, durable and stylish micro-cement surface, in a color that matches the walls. However, architects used contrasting tile colors for this, delineating with them the different zones in the bathroom. The wall with the sinks, the corner with the bathtub and the built-ins are located in the part of the room that was covered with dark tiles. The toilet and shower, on the other hand, have been placed against a light background. This creates an interesting visual dichotomy that emphasizes the functionalities of the various fixtures.

Ciemny, minimalistyczny prysznic kontrastuje z jasnym tłem Strefa toalety została wykończona jasnymi płytkami

The dark, minimalist shower contrasts with the light background

© Line.Projekt Studio

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