Bedroom and children's rooms in mid-century modern style

01 of March '23

Simple, streamlined forms, high-quality materials and designer furniture and furnishings. All this dressed in subtle earth colors and seasoned with soft light. This is how an 82-meter apartment in Warsaw's Mokotów district was designed and finished by the Decoroom studio.

In a modernist style

Themid-century modern style refers to interiors from the 1950s and 1960s. It evokes classic elegance and combines it with modernity. It is the perfect choice for those who love beautiful, unfussy, yet functional spaces that are sure to resist passing trends. So it's no surprise that this design style was chosen by a couple with two children, who appreciate high quality and have been in love with good design for years.

Pokój jednej z dziewczynek Miejsce do nauki

The room of one of the girls

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Kamila Jakubowska-Szmyd

Soothing bedroom

The master bedroom was wrapped in an earthy color palette, which brings a feeling of calm and encourages relaxation. This room is indivisibly dominated by an upholstered bed with a headrest in the form of cushions. The composition of round bedside tables on long legs is complemented by hanging lamps. There is also a place for a wardrobe cabinet, which naturally turns into a place to work. Subtle decoration is provided here by sophisticated accessories, lighting and a decorative radiator.

Zagłówek łożka ma formę poduch Miejsce do pracy w sypialni

The headrest of the bed is in the form of cushions

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Kamila Jakubowska-Szmyd

Rooms straight out of a dream

Fairytale-like and full of surprising details are the girls' rooms, which are kept in subdued pastel colors. There is enough space in them for playing, doing homework, reading books and resting, and high furniture cabinets facilitate storage. Here the role of decoration is played by colorful wallpapers with organic patterns, just like the entire decor of the rooms, selected to suit the individual taste of the residents.

Pokój dziecięcy w odcieniach pastelowego różu Miejsce do przechowywania

Children's room in shades of pastel pink

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Kamila Jakubowska-Szmyd

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