Classic bedroom with bathroom and intriguing children's room

24 of May '23

We have previously presented the living area of a Warsaw apartment in shades of white. Today we take a look at the hosts' bedroom and bathroom, as well as the children's room designed by Róża Kaczmarek of Deer Design.

Children's room with an idea

The bedroom of the youngest member of the family is a real child's kingdom. On an area of 13.5 meters there was room not only for a bed, spacious closets and a small table, but also plenty of space for playing. Architect Róża Kaczmarek used an unusual solution here, which made the room bigger. The bed does not stand on the floor. It was placed slightly higher, which created space for cabinets under it.

- The cabinet in the room of the hosts' son is extremely capacious. It hides toys. The space was used to the maximum, but the furniture does not overwhelm the room. The laths gave it lightness. Wanting to be consistent with the rest of the apartment, stucco was used on one of the walls - says the architect.

Łóżko zostało umieszczone nad szafkami

The bed was placed above the cabinets

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Soothing bedroom

The hosts' bedroom harmonizes with the rest of the interior. The space has been kept in light shades. The room is dominated by a comfortable bed with an upholstered headrest in the form of two large pillows. Just behind it is a wall with delicate stucco. This classic decoration was juxtaposed with modern contrasting lamps with a gold element. On either side of the bed we have another element that breaks the light color scheme - black bedside tables. In the room there is also a large built-in closet, which with its color fits perfectly into the wall. Thus, despite its size, it does not overwhelm the rather small room.

Zabudowa dopasowuje się do ścian

The built-in matches the walls

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Playing with textures in the bathroom

Although the apartment managed to meet all the needs of the investors, it was not without compromises. These were necessary when designing the bathroom.

- The most difficult was the beginning, the stage of planning the function and the investors' choice between a bathtub and a shower. I proposed a design that included both solutions, but at the expense of less spaciousness of the entire room. This helped the clients make their decision. The lucky winner turned out to be a free-standing bathtub weighing 127 kg. Its transportation and lifting was quite a challenge, which was masterfully met by our finishing team - recalls the designer.

Decorated in bright colors, the bathroom harmonizes with the entire interior. Handles and fixtures contrast beautifully with the ubiquitous white. Different textures and finishes of tiles were combined here to give the room warmth and softness.

W łazience znalazła się wanna wolnostojąca

The bathroom includes a free-standing bathtub

Photo: Zagórny Studio

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