Contrasting combination of black and white in the bathroom for a single

04 of May '23

The bathroom designed by Jakub Ratajski of the ProstoKąt studio is an intriguing interpretation of an absolute classic. Black and white intertwine here, creating an eye-catching arrangement.

 Na podłodze znajdziemy płytki z asymetrycznym wzorem

On the floor you will find tiles with an asymmetrical pattern

© Radaway

Black and white bathroom is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Such an arrangement focuses primarily on the skillful balancing of these opposite colors so that a balance prevails between them. This kind of harmonious elegance can be found in the design of architect Jakub Ratajski of the ProstoKąt studio.

-This was to be a typically masculine interior. That's why I used a duochromatic solution, i.e. the interweaving of black and white in the arrangement of the entire apartment, and the bathroom was to be stylistically consistent with it," says the architect.

Wielkoformatowe płyty na ścianie tworzą jednolity efekt

Large-format tiles on the wall create a unified effect

© Radaway

Large-format plates have been used on the walls of the bathroom to create a uniform effect. On the floor, on the other hand, you will find a classic tile format with an asymmetrical black-and-white pattern. This gives the interior a dynamic feel. White tiles on the wall also mark the shower area.

We wnętrzu znajdziemy urządzenia łazienkowe w obu barwach

In the interior we will find bathroom appliances in both colors

© Radaway

Black and white can also be found in the bathroom appliances. This is an interesting solution, because in most projects, even if the room's design combines several colors, all the fixtures remain in one color. Here, however, we find a combination of black elements in the form of a shower stall and faucets with a sink and toilet in the shade of white. Particularly interesting is the aforementioned white washbasin combined with a black cabinet. Such a contrast makes the sink seem to sink into the dark countertop.

Architekt postawił na duochromatyczne rozwiązanie

The architect opted for a duochrome solution

© Radaway

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