a house where the dining room plays the main role

08 of March '24

Agnieszka Lesiuk from Art Design Studio created a house for a large family. Its focal point became the dining room, where residents can spend time together.

Agnieszka Lesiuk

Agnieszka Lesiuk

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

Stylish entrance

The two-story house had to undergo a major metamorphosis. The renovation included even the entrance area with a staircase. The space took on a modern character. The architect juxtaposed a wooden staircase with openwork balustrades. The wall, meanwhile, was optically crisscrossed with graphite stripes. An interesting optical illusion was achieved with the help of mirrored fronts of the development located at the end of the stairs. The closet itself, as well as the drawers hidden under the stairs, provides plenty of storage space.

U zbiegu schodów znajduje się szafa z lustrzanymi frontami Architektka wykorzystała strefę pod schodami tworząc dodatkowe miejsce do przechowywania

The architect used the area under the stairs to create additional storage space

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

In navy blue

The leitmotif of the arrangement is the use of navy blue. It can be found, among others, on the TV wall. The lounge area is complemented by a light gray corner sofa and wood, which gives the space a cozy feel.

- Throughout the house I focused on variations of the navy blue color, which appears in diffrent configurations and blends well with grays — reveals Agnieszka Lesiuk.

W każdym pomieszczeniu projektantka umieściła granatowe akcenty

In each room the designer placed navy blue accents

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

Around the table

The investors wanted a spacious dining room, where a family of several people could spend time eating meals together.

- The investor wanted to have elegant and modern interior. It was important to meet the needs of a multi-person family that likes to celebrate eating meals together. Therefore, in the central area there is a large family table with comfortable chairs, of course in navy blue. A stretch ceiling right above it highlights the importance of that area. There is also a beautiful vertical garden on the wall, which attracts attention and builds the atmosphere of the place — adds the architect.

Sercem domu jest przestronna jadalnia

The heart of the house is the spacious dining room

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

A place for passion

The kitchen was designed in a separate room. It was made with the investor's culinary passion in mind. The cabinetry was laid out in the shape of the letter G, making optimal use of the available space. Thanks to this, it was possible to create a lot of space for storage and preparation of meals.

- The kitchen was to be, above all, practical. The investor likes to cook and does it every day, so it was important to set out a large number of worktops. In turn, moving the entrance to the kitchen made it possible to put built-in appliances on the entire wall and create cabinets for storage — says Agnieszka Lesiuk.

Of course, not only ergonomics, but aesthetics were important as well. The arrangement of the kitchen refers to the rest of the interior. Lacquered cabinet fronts in light gray can be found both in the work zone and along the entire length of the high built-in with household appliances. They are complemented by wooden countertops. The walls are covered with large-format stoneware in navy blue. Everything is complemented by black appliances and accessories.

Szare fronty zabudowy łączą się z grantowymi ścianami kontynuując paletę kolorystyczną całego wnętrza

The gray fronts of the built-in units combined with the navy blue walls continue the color palette of the entire interior

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

Ergonomic and stylish

The bathroom is dominated by grays. However, we can find navy blue here as well. This time in the form of details and decorations. Everything is complemented by black furnishings. The small space is comfortable thanks to the use of a walk-in shower. Its delicate form does not overwhelm the small bathroom. Storage space is created by a cabinet under the sink and a built-in cabinet in the toilet area.

Grantowe detale sprawiają, że aranżacja łazienki pasuje do reszty wnętrza Zabudowa nad WC zapewnia miejsce do przechowywania

The granite details make the bathroom arrangement fit in with the rest of the interior

Photo by Marcin Jezierski

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