Interior in Dr. Flatau's townhouse

01 of June '23

The building in which the presented apartment is located has a long history. The tenement house of Dr. Edward Flatau was built in 1925 and visually resembles palatial architecture.

Mieszkanie łączy historyczne i nowoczesne elementy

The apartment combines historical and modern elements

Photo: Pion Poziom

Two worlds

The main design goal was to create new functional zones while preserving as many historical elements as possible. The investors were primarily concerned with finishing the floor in oak herringbone, which dates back to the 1930s and the old door woodwork with glazing. The interior also has the advantage of high room height, which is as high as 3.4 meters.

Minimalistyczna zabudowa pozwala wyjść na pierwszy plan zdobnym meblom Szara zabudowa kuchenna

The minimalist built-in allows the ornate furniture to come to the forefront

Photo: Pion Poziom

General renovation

Before the work began, the apartment was in very poor condition. It contained old electrical, gas and water installations, as well as sewage risers. Małgorzata Jaworska conducted a thorough inventory and checked the possibilities of dividing the space. The owner was given several proposals for functional layouts to choose from, but when the renovation team arrived, difficulties also began to appear.

We wnętrzu znajduje się wiele elementów vintage Na podłodze znajduje się dębowa jodełka

The floor is oak herringbone

Photo: Pion Poziom

New division

The wall dividing the kitchen and bathroom was in very bad shape, with bricks falling out of it. So the decision was made to demolish it and build a new one. Then reverse the function of the two rooms. As a result, the former kitchen became the current bathroom or, more precisely, a bathroom room with a bathtub and shower and access to a window. Meanwhile, a small guest toilet was set aside in the former bathroom, as well as an alcove in which the kitchen cabinetry with an island was hidden.

Sypialnia z tapicerowanym łóżkiem

Bedroom with upholstered bed

Photo: Pion Poziom

Palace inspirations

The most important inspiration in the interior was the body of the building, which refers in style to palace architecture. The investor wanted the interior to house many antiques, family heirlooms and paintings. There is also a collection of colorful glass and ceramics from the PRL times, as well as decorative lamps.

Łazienka z zabytkową komodą

Bathroom with antique dresser

Photo: Pion Poziom

The arrangement is thus eclectic. It combines vintage elements with more subdued and minimalist ones, which are a great background for more ornate elements. Such is the function of the simple kitchen cabinetry, the cabinets in the hallway and the bookcase in the study. All of this furniture is finished in light gray lacquer. This allows the ornate dark walnut-colored furniture to come to the fore. In both bathrooms stood antique chests of drawers, which became pedestals for the sinks. The apartment owner refurbished the bedside tables by herself. The whole was topped off with warm lighting and a variety of fabrics, which gave the interior a homely feel.

We wnętrzu znajduje się dużo żółci, pomarańczy, czerwieni i brązów Ozdobne lustro w łazience

The interior features a lot of yellows, oranges, reds and browns

Photo: Pion Poziom

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