Interior with history decorated in retro style

27 of January '23

A historic tenement house from the early 20th century, low ceilings and a small area - this is the essence of the challenges faced by the designers of the KODO studio. The result of the arrangement of this two-room attic apartment, located in Wroclaw's Przedmieście Oławskie, is proof that even a seemingly inconvenient space can be arranged in a functional and visually remarkable way.

Wnętrze zostało urządzone w stylu retro

The interior has been decorated in a retro style


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The main and only occupant of the apartment is a person who often works from home - this aspect has become a priority in the introduced design changes and design solutions. The narrow but very functional kitchen, the living space connecting the living room and dining room, as well as a small bedroom and bathroom underwent a metamorphosis that revealed the charms of the premises, previously hidden under layers of many years of finishing.

Kuchnia urządzona jest w kolorach szarości

The kitchen is decorated in gray colors


Spectacular metamorphosis

The basis of the work carried out was the revision of what was invisible - the electrical, heating and plumbing systems, and the next step was the development of functional changes. In this regard, the bathroom underwent the biggest metamorphosis, where the bathtub was replaced by a walk-in shower area. The layout and furnishings were completely changed, and cabinets were added. Spacious storage space was also created thanks to a capacious kitchen cabinet or living room furniture, where a washer and dryer were installed. The living room is also a work space, seamlessly transitioning into a relaxation zone.

W strefie jadalnianej znajdują się krzesła z plecionki wiedeńskiej

The dining area features Viennese plaid chairs


Historical references

Elements of the finishes and furnishings were chosen to match the historic character of the building - hence the herringbone wooden floor, exposed original bricks on the walls, stucco at the ceiling and classic furniture, among others. The retro-style atmosphere is enhanced by a warm color scheme, composed of whites, grays and browns, complemented by small color accents in the form of textiles and green potted plants.

W sypialni znajduje się tapicerowane łóżko W łazience znalazło się miejsce do przechowywania

The bedroom and bathroom have a small footprint


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