Mini-apartment in the colors of the sky

20 of January '23

In the interior the main roles are played by navy blue, sapphires and blues. The architect from Loft Affair made sure that the small space gained functionality and elegant appearance, and at the same time managed to face considerable usability challenges - characteristic of apartments for short-term rentals.

Mieszkanie ma tylko 25m2

The apartment is only 25m2

Photo: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska © Dekorian Home

Interior with history

The location in a historic, elegantly restored tenement in the center of Krakow, right by the Planty Park, is the biggest advantage of this place. The challenge, however, was the need to create comfortable conditions for four guests in a space of only 25 m2. Things were not made easier by the elongated shape of the room, in which, in addition to sleeping spaces and a living area, it was necessary to find a suitable place for a kitchenette - an essential element of the apartment.

- The order combined design and turnkey implementation. What were the initial assumptions? - The finishing had to fit within the reasonable budget of the investment apartment, and at the same time we wanted to achieve the highest possible standard of workmanship, says Monika Lastowiecka, architect.

After a smooth renovation, the apartment featured a comfortable Queen Size double bed, plus a sofa covered with velvet fabric with sleeping option for two, a dining area with a round table and elegant chairs, and a small kitchenette. A separate room contained a bathroom.

Przy wejściu znajduje się minianeks kuchenny

At the entrance there is a mini kitchenette

Photo: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska © Dekorian Home

Blue picture gallery

The apartment combines the timeless elegance of the wall stucco, modern solutions in the kitchen area and unconventional combinations of textures, patterns and colors. A bold combination of colors and appropriate work with light have produced an excellent effect here. The color palette is based on a strong Prussian blue, complemented by white, shades of gray and accents of black and gold.

- From the beginning of our cooperation with the owner of this property, we knew that the project would be based on a classic style of interior design. Due to the shape of the narrow and tall room, the investor considered light shades. However, in the course of our work on the project, we suggested going for an intense, vibrant color that would become the dominant feature of this interior and guarantee a distinct effect. It was a bold move, so I'm all the more pleased that the effect appealed to the investor," Monika Lastowiecka points out.

An important carrier of color became available large-format wall graphics. The architect decided to introduce them on the wall in stucco frames - like a series of paintings.

Grafiki zostały zamknięte w sztukateryjnych ramach

The graphics were enclosed in stucco frames

Photo: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska © Dekorian Home

Play of light

The apartment also features large mirrors.

- This theme appeared already in the first discussions with the investor. We finally introduced four large panels inscribed in the stucco on the wall. They were given a double role in the interior design, as they not only visually open up and enlarge the space, but also illuminate the room in a very practical way. With only one window in the entire apartment, daylight is extremely valuable, so we wanted to make the most of it. The mirrors helped us tremendously in this," the designer stresses.

In the evening, however, natural light gives way to artificial light.

- One of the first furnishings that provided the impetus for the entire project was a ceiling lamp, already owned by the investor. Very large and expressive, it fit perfectly into the high space. It also fit in stylistically, as a classic chandelier, which was deconstructed and re-told, so that today it creates a completely modern form," describes the author of the arrangement.

Another interesting element of the design is the LED-lit cornice strips, which give the effect of a delicate arc.

- For a small area, there are relatively many lighting points. All this contributes to the cozy atmosphere of the interior also in the evening," adds Monika Lastowiecka.

 Lustra optycznie powiększają przestrzeń

Mirrors optically enlarge the space

Photo: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska © Dekorian Home

Clever solutions for small spaces

Vinyl panels were used on the floor. Arranged in the form of a classic herringbone, they are reminiscent of the original parquet floors from historic Krakow tenements. High abrasion resistance allowed the panels to be used also in the hallway, while moisture resistance - in the bathroom. Thus, the use of this material made it possible to avoid dividing the floor and gave the effect of coherence, especially desirable in such a small space.

The biggest challenge in the presented project was the introduction of a kitchenette.

- Because the space is intended for short-term rental, we had to design a fully equipped kitchen. However, the limited square footage and the assumed effect of elegance did not allow us to expand this area," says Monika Lastowiecka.

Thus, at the entrance to the room appeared a custom-made built-in, made according to an individual design. Themicro-annex accommodates all the necessary household appliances and kitchen amenities, and at the same time fits into the concept of the interior and does not dominate the rest of the apartment.

W łazience też wykorzystano panele

The bathroom also uses panels

Photo: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska © Dekorian Home

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