Minimalism in the bedroom

04 of August '22

This is a simple, minimalist space. There is not much variety here, what draws attention is the subdued elegance and exceptional aesthetic sense in the arrangement. Today we'll take a look at the bedroom combined with the bathroom, which are part of an inspiring project done by the architectural studio {tag:pracownie}.

Minimalistyczna sypialnia

Minimalist bedroom

© Tom Kurek

Simplicity of the bedroom

The whole apartment is kept in a subdued color scheme, which emphasizes the restrained nature of the concept. The bedroom space is colorfully divided in half. The upper part is the cool white of the wall, against which the lighting is discreetly hung, and the furniture - simple hanging cabinets. The bottom, on the other hand, completes and warms the space in color. Against a background of wooden piping, a row of lockable shelves, made of the same material, was designed. This solution is practical and aesthetic at the same time. As a whole, they create a spot of color, which makes the bedroom space cozy and modern at the same time. On the uniform tabletop we can put down our reading, put a bedside lamp, or enliven the space a bit, a bouquet of flowers.

On the floor we will notice microcement. This is a very modern and practical floor covering. Its slightly green hue makes the furnishings look noble.

Minimalistyczna łazienka

Minimalist bathroom

© Tom Kurek

Elegance of the bathroom

A small bathroom, adjacent to the bedroom , looks modest and elegant at the same time. It houses a shower, a sink and probably a toilet bowl. White is king here, and the very light beige of the spacious, striated tiles. In the bathing area, they are juxtaposed with moisture-resistant micro-concrete, which composes here very impressively.

Minimalistyczna łazienka Minimalistyczna łazienka

Minimalist bathroom

© Tom Kurek

Perfectly chosen details emphasize the arrangement. These include, for example, a simple sink or shower faucet, a recessed shelf in the wall, or subtle lighting hidden behind a lowered ceiling. Elements such as a mirror or shower glass are limited to the simplest forms.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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