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26 of June '23
w skrócie
  1. Ewa Masztakowska and Katarzyna Fotek of the Decoroom studio are responsible for the project.
  2. The living area consists of a seating area, a dining area and a kitchenette.
  3. The washer and dryer were placed in a built-in cabinet in the hallway.
  4. The living room has been separated from the kitchen by a lamellar partition.
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Previously, we have already presented a bathroom in shades of green designed by the Decoroom studio. Today we take a look at the living area of a 58-square-meter apartment.

Functional hallway

Before the desired effect could be achieved, the architects not only had to meticulously analyze and plan every square meter of the apartment, but also make minor changes to the existing functional layout. Due to the small bathroom, the walls in the hallway were rebuilt, where the washing machine and dryer found their place in a practical recess. They were hidden behind mirrored panels of the built-in fronts.

- Due to the rather small bathroom, the recess for the washing machine and dryer was set aside in the hall. This is an increasingly popular solution, which allows ergonomic use of the bathroom space. In addition, the mirrors used here give an elegant effect and illuminate the space - says Ewa Masztakowska of the Decoroom studio.

Thanks to the large sheets of mirrors, the hallway visually did not lose its size. On the contrary, the mirrored surfaces optically enlarge it, creating a depth effect.

Pralka i suszarka zostały umieszczone w zabudowie w przedpokoju

The washing machine and dryer were placed in a built-in in the hallway

Photo: Pion Poziom

Subdued kitchen

The open space of the living room is subtly complemented by the kitchen in the form of an annex. Architect Katarzyna Fotek is responsible for its design. Combining wood-colored elements with beige, the kitchen creates a subtle background for the entire arrangement. Attention is drawn to the decorative fluting on a section of the wall above the countertop. Its white color beautifully illuminates the relatively dark arrangement. The whole is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. When designing the kitchen,  storage space for products and accessories was developed, as well as convenient to use worktops.

Kuchnia została oddzielona od salonu lamelowym przepierzeniem

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a lamellar divider

Photo: Pion Poziom

Relaxing living room

A delicate partition in the form of a lamellar wall discreetly separates the lounge area from the food preparation area. It also features shelves on which you can put decorations or useful trinkets. The meticulously thought-out functional character of the interior is also evidenced by the numerous carpentry built-ins, which make maximum use of the space. All the built-ins were designed to meet the individual needs of the interior and were made by Decoroom's in-house carpentry studio. A cozy and natural atmosphere is created by colors inspired by the palette of earth colors and wood. In the living area you will find a comfortable sofa in olive green and a double coffee table. The wall with the TV was decorated with wood. The seating area of the living room is marked by a beige carpet. Right next to it you will find a dining area consisting of a rounded table and upholstered chairs in beige. The whole is complemented by a large white display case, which mostly serves as a bookcase.

Ściana z telewizorem została ozdobiona drewnem

The wall with the TV was decorated with wood

Photo: Pion Poziom

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