Living room in modern classic style from Ms. it can

28 of April '23

Previously, we have already looked at the veranda of the project of the tandem of bloggers Ms. It Can Do. Today we present the results of the metamorphosis of the living room of one of the authors of the blog.

Salon został urządzony w stylu modern classic

The living room was decorated in the modern classic style

Photo: Pani to potrafi © Marcin Dekor

New life of the living room

Ania and Beti, who created the duo Pani to potrafi furnish and decorate interiors, renew furniture and create beautiful and useful objects. They also do home staging. They share their ideas, clever solutions and proven brands on their blog.

Beti dreamed of a living room in modern classic style, so elegant stucco frames made of durable polystyrene appeared on the walls. They create a wonderful setting for a gallery of graphics and a large painting. A suitable background for the artwork is provided by a beige-gray paint shade, neutral, rather cool at first glance, and yet exuding a gentle warmth.

- My living room, which has just undergone a metamorphosis, was decorated about 3 years ago, right after I moved. I moved the furniture and accessories from my previous apartment, because I had one, and for that moment it had to be enough for us. Now a change was already necessary. We needed more order, more peace, more harmony and a little more space... and not just for storage. Unfortunately, the room cannot be stretched, so we had to work with furniture. From the old composition remained a library with books, a couch and armchairs. The rest to be replaced! - Beata Łańcuchowska reports.

Aranżację uzupełnia dywan w stonowanych kolorach

The arrangement is completed with a carpet in subdued colors

Photo: you can do it © Marcin Dekor

Authentic elements

New furniture also appeared in such a sophisticated environment. Among the most important is undoubtedly the bar designed by Beti herself and made by a friendly carpenter.

- The clou of this project is the unorthodox accessories in the form of legs and beautiful Italian handles, the author notes.

The interior was complemented by accessories such as a bright carpet with a black geometric motif, delicate wooden coffee tables on metal bases, vases made of stained and textured glass, and a magnificent stone platter.

The interior of the living room was literally wrapped in fabrics. Among the more important purposes of changing the window fixtures was to better regulate the flow of light through the window located opposite the TV. Previously, blinds hung there, which were not the most appropriate and did not protect against unpleasant reflections on the screen. Now a Roman blind with a semi-automatic mechanism hung there. The roller blind was combined with long, softly falling curtains made of the same fabric.

Barek projektu Beaty Łańcuchowskiej

The bar designed by Beata Łańcuchowska

Photo: Pani to potrafi © Marcin Dekor

Private retreat

A small bedroom was separated from the living room space. It is located behind a loft wall, which was made of wooden slats and polycarbonate by the owner herself. This impressive clearance needed to be incompletely obscured, so that some light from the living room side would penetrate into the sleeping area, while the privacy of the occupants would be well protected.

Regał z książkami

Bookcase with books

Photo: the lady can do it © Marcin Dekor

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