A solid foundation. We choose a wooden floor

23 of September '22

Wooden flooring is a long-lasting product. Subjected to renovation, it can even last a lifetime with us. So we usually face its selection very rarely. Therefore, it is worth preparing well for it.

Type of interior and its purpose

If we plan to purchase flooring for the whole house or apartment, it is worth betting on versatility and functionality. It is better to choose decors that will blend well with different design styles. Natural colors, gently whitewashed or tarnished will always be the right choice. The floor can also be a great way to visually divide the space. Often used in kitchens or bathrooms, the combination of wood and ceramic tiles can effectively protect the floor from undesirable elements and give an interesting visual effect. However, if our apartment has a clearly separated space we have many more possibilities. Utility space and open to guests requires a floor that will stand up well to heavy traffic. So it is worth considering here brushed or even intentionally aged surfaces, which are more forgiving, and minor scratches or dents will be less visible on them. The same goes for the children's room, where the floor is still put to the test and is the basis for building blocks or car race tracks. In bedrooms, we can afford to do more. The choice of decors here is almost unlimited. The floor can be used on the wall - in the form of a headrest, or even on the ceiling. This will certainly add warmth to the interior and quiet it pleasantly.

Drewno w uniwersalnym kolorze możemy zastosować w całym mieszkaniu

We can use wood in a universal color throughout the apartment


Size of the room

The size of the flooring elements and the way they are installed affect how big the interior appears to us. Large planks will optically enlarge smaller rooms, while spacious rooms will beautifully display a large pattern, such as French herringbone or classic in plank format. Parquet installed in classic herringbone or chevron will look better in a smaller than in a larger apartment, while a long plank more than two meters long needs space to expose its qualities. Small interiors do not look good with dark floors, as they will further visually diminish them. Deep, warm browns, however, will effectively warm up large spaces.

Wielkość deski wpływa na odbiór pomieszczenia

The size of the board affects the perception of the room


Interior design style

The floor is a great base for further interior styling. Sometimes it is so impressive that small additions are enough to achieve the desired effect. For country style interiors, a hand-aged, hewn floor with irregular chamfers or a classic plank with exposed knots and varied colors will fit perfectly. Interiors in vintage, boho or eclectic style will be perfectly complemented by classic fir in parquet format or a collection of short boards. They can be installed, for example, in squares or a ladder and achieve an unparalleled effect. For glamour or classic style interiors it is worth choosing French fir, which will impress with its unforced elegance, or a classic plank in a subdued coloration. Modern, industrial spaces, on the other hand, like floors with cold decors, clear structure, with crosswise saw marks or natural cracks and knots.

Odpowiednio dobrana podłoga idealnie podkreśli styl wnętrza

A properly selected floor will perfectly emphasize the style of the interior



Wood flooring manufacturers today offer an almost infinite palette of colors. Starting from natural floors, through whitewashes of varying degrees of intensity, grays, browns - from light, milky to heavily chocolate. There is something for everyone. When choosing, it is worth considering the desired visual effect - if whitewashed - is it cold or warm, if natural brown is it rather straw or grayish? Won't deep brown darken our rooms too much, or won't cold white make our interiors uncomfortable? It is worth betting here on a compromise between timeless classics and fashions that pass. After all, it is easier to replace colorful accessories than to replace parquet floors throughout the house. It's worth choosing a manufacturer that allows you to order samples of your choice for your home. This is a great way to become confident about your choice.

Bielona podłoga

Bleached floor

© Carrot


Popular wood floors on the market today are almost exclusively available in ready-made versions, that is, already stained and protected according to the offer and standards of a given manufacturer. This makes installation quick, and the surface is protected at the production stage. Often using modern UV lamps, making it much more resistant to damage. Normally, wood floors are protected with varnish or oil-wax. Each coating guarantees adequate protection of the wood, but at the same time has different properties. Varnish is undemanding in terms of regular maintenance. However, it does not offer the possibility of local renovation. Produced from vegetable oils and waxes, oilwax needs more attention on a daily basis, but allows for local repairs, which is a particularly big advantage in homes with young children or pets.

Większość dostępnych obecnie podłóg jest już zabezpieczona na etapie produkcji

Most floors available today are already protected at the production stage

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