Provençal style - an extract from nature. Idyllic coziness in interiors

Liwia Sus
14 of April '22

TheProvençal style seduces us with the idyll of Provence, a region in southeastern France where the traditional view is of sea and mountains. Amidst them are charming towns, centuries-old stone houses, fields of lavender stretching across the hills like spreading purple carpets and romantic olive groves, or vine crops with adjoining vineyards. Its unhurried lifestyle and proximity to nature create an appealing and inspiring atmosphere. Not surprisingly, enchanted by the beauty of Provence, we try to recreate this mood in our own homes, or..., or rather, a slightly idealized version of it to create atmospheric and sun-filled interiors.

Kuchnia prowansalska w zielonych odcieniach Kuchnia w stylu prowansalskim

Provençal style kitchens

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Colors of nature...

Provençal style is soothing, due to its bright colors and friendly materials. Colors oscillate around subtle pastel shades. Broken whites, beiges and light grays dominate. As accents appear shades of purple, lavender and heather, as well as different tones of green. The whole is also sometimes broken by delicate turquoise.

Styl prowansalski w nowoczesnym wydaniu Styl prowansalski w nowoczesnym wydaniu

Subdued colors of Provençal and modern style interiors

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...and traditional materials

The Provencal style is dominated by precious wood and stone. Furniture usually pine, with oak finish, is seemingly simple, but has delightful details. So even the hinges here will be refined - delicately carved or rounded. For example, there will be milling, which imitates the making of a plane from smaller boards, or knots or cracks will be highlighted. The material is often deliberately aged with color rubbing, which is extremely effective and emphasizes the rustic character.

Wnętrze utrzymane w stylu prowansalskim

Wood in a Provençal-style interior

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Chairs and tables in the Louisville style, with characteristic cabriole legs , will also be successful here. Also well composed will be glazed serviettes, sideboards, classic chests of drawers or light etables. All this is devoid of refined elegance, but looks light, casual and very interesting.

 Sypialnia z wykorzystaniem naturalnych materiałów Przedpokój w stylu prowansalskim

Bedroom and hallway arranged in Provençal style

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Romantic curtains

As for fabrics, we use a variety of textures, but especially those that are natural, pleasant and soft. Desirable are floral motifs, referring to nature. Cushions made of linen or cotton will find their place, but also those made of velour, with a slightly Indian style. Curtains, tablecloths and napkins are to be pleasant to look at and emphasize the romantic nature of the arrangement.

Meble i formy mają tradycyjny wygląd Jasne, pastelowe kolory to esencja stylu prowansalskiego

The furniture and forms are traditional and usually in light, pastel colors

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Miles of accessories

In a Provençal interior, time seems to have stopped. It transports us to an idyllic, sunny and carefree countryside. Many elements here will be aged, such as stylized tiles or kitchen faucets, while others, in turn, will come to the interior directly from the flea markets and seamlessly blend into the whole. Filling the space, shy of even cluttering it , is welcome here.

Materials such as ceramics, colored glass, wicker or rattan will also find their place, and dried herbs, hung on a pillar or fresh ones planted in clay pots, will spread sensual fragrant notes, bringing to mind the most wonderful holiday memories.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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