Organize a work corner for spring

10 of April '23

Whether you work at home full time or only occasionally, in the long run, organizing your work corner is essential. How do you go about it? What equipment will be necessary, what is needed, and what is completely unnecessary? See for yourself.

Spring is the perfect time for changes. The big ones and the smaller ones. Getting down to the organization of a home office, you need to start by analyzing several things: the conditions of the premises, the requirements posed by the nature of the duties performed, as well as ergonomics and aesthetics. Contrary to appearances, each of these is equally important.

How much space do we have for a home office?

Let's start with the square footage. Can we allocate an entire room for a home office? Or can we only set aside part of a bedroom or living room for a work corner? If space is not an issue, we certainly have more options. But this doesn't mean that those with a small apartment have to resign themselves to inconvenience. On the contrary. With the right solutions, even a tiny corner can be comfortable and convenient. As long as we furnish it wisely. The trick will be to choose things that are as functional and versatile as possible.

Organizacja szuflady

Drawer organization


A clever solution at a premium

It's a good idea to use mobile furniture - a desk that can be tucked away in a closet, or pedestals that can be quickly pulled out to the center of the room when you're working, and then tucked away even more quickly when you've finished your duties and want to use the space differently.

It's worth remembering to bet on good quality things when choosing furniture and accessories. The smaller the space, the more important this is. Why? Because they determine the comfort. Let's take into account the mentioned office pedestals. If they are mounted on SUPRA REJS cast ers made of flexible plastic, we won't have to tug the cabinet to move it. Besides, we won't have to worry about a damaged floor. The casters, thanks to their bearings in the horizontal plane, ensure a free 360-degree rotation and smooth movement. They are available with and without a brake, in two sizes of 35 and 50 mm, and their load capacity is 30 and 40 kg, respectively. In other words - a small thing, and what convenience in everyday use!

Szafka biurkowa

Desk cabinet


First of all, functionality

Another nod to functionality and convenience are drawers. They in the work corner are absolutely essential. Why? Because they make it easier to organize and keep in order all the documents, utensils and accessories needed for work. REJS ' new Ultra Box drawers for the office fit perfectly. And for several reasons. They are kept in a minimalist design. Their slender sides look nice, and at the same time allow maximum use of the space inside the drawer. Besides, Ultra Boxes are available in 4 heights (86, 118, 167 and 199 mm) and 6 slide lengths (300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550 mm), and their load capacity is up to 40 kg. This makes it possible to store even thick and heavy folders with documents in them. But that's not all.

In offices, Ultra Boxes also work well because they can be fitted with practical organization systems. Metal inserts and bins allow you to separate and keep in place a wide variety of accessories: writing utensils, but also for sewing or DIY projects. The inserts are available in different sizes, so you can choose the models that suit you best.

Pamiętaj o roślinach

Remember the plants


The nature of work and the organization of the work corner

And here we come to another issue - our own needs. The corner of those who only occasionally work at home will look completely different, and those for whom it is a permanent place of work. Differently those who need only a laptop, and those who require space for papers, tools and accessories. While in the first cases a small desk will work, in the second - not necessarily anymore. If you work at home every day, it's really worth investing in a large desk. Preferably with adjustable height, so that you can change position several times during the day and take care of your spine.

- The ideal solution is the Futuro electric desk, which allows you to adjust the height of the top from 625 to 1275 mm. So you can both sit and stand at it, and, most importantly, adjust the furniture to your own needs to feel comfortable while working. Changing the position is child's play - just press the appropriate button. Besides, Futuro allows you to remember 4 selected positions," explains Joanna Posadzy, REJS Marketing Director. - Futuro can be fitted with a wood or board top of 1000x2000 mm. This is a lot compared to standard desks. The frame is complemented by a range of additional accessories. These include a special trough for cables and chargers, a suspended rack for the computer's main unit, and acoustic panels on which to hang notes. And the rack and accessories are available in 3 colors (white, black and silver).

Wybierz ukrywane gniazdka i przedłużacze

Choose hidden outlets and extension cords


Arrange it your way

Last, but certainly not least, is the aesthetics of the home work area. It's important that it visually matches the rest of the house. Especially if it is not enclosed in a separate room. Importantly, several rules and solutions will always work, regardless of the style we prefer.

A good example is the careful hiding of mounting and technical components. Especially when they have no decorative value. How can this be done? Again, with the help of clever and innovative products. Shelf supports, can be replaced with REJS invisible arms. This is an easy way to ensure a modern effect. Mounted on the principle of a wall stud, the screw-in arms are available in 3 sizes: 10x100, 10x145 and 11.5x120 mm. The load capacity for each shelf is 15 kg, so we can set trinkets, flowers and even favorite books on them.

You can also hide extension cords and outlets. These indispensable devices in almost every office, which we use every day after all, are rarely pretty. The exceptions are TUBUS and KWADRO, which can be mounted and hidden in various parts of the development, such as the desk top. The round TUBUS fully slides into the tabletop, while the rectangular KWADRO gently twists. They are available in universal colors in two variants - only with traditional sockets (two or three), as well as with sockets and with USB ports.

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