Subdued colors and decorative wallpaper in a Poznan interior

Katarzyna Szostak
05 of December '22

The investors did not have a precise vision of what the apartment should look like. So Martyna Stranz proposed a subdued color scheme, consistent with the one used in the building's common space.

The small 41-square-meter apartment is located in the city center. It was originally intended to function as interiors for short-term rentals. In the meantime, the idea emerged to switch from short-term rental to long-term rental. With such assumptions, it became clear that the apartment must not only attract potential tenants, who will have completely different, greater requirements.

With this in mind, the architect suggested demolishing a section of the partition wall that separated the hallway from the living room-kitchen area. This made the apartment appear more spacious, and the corridor became much better illuminated. This simple move completely changed the arrangement of the apartment. It also made it possible to design a custom built-in, which flows seamlessly from the hallway to the kitchen.

The kitchen itself was expanded with a functional island. A table was also added, which had been omitted from the developer's arrangement. Under the assumptions of a short-term lease, one might have been tempted to find a solution with meals eaten at a high countertop, but given the needs of those renting the apartment for a longer period, a decent kitchen with a table became essential.

Another move that changed the developer's proposal was to change the bathroom. In the place where she had planned a bathtub, a convenient walk-in shower appeared. Meanwhile, an elegant area with acountertopsink and capacious cabinetappeared in the alcove .The enclosure also appeared above the toilet.

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