4 things you should pay attention to when choosing a closet

Katarzyna Szostak
05 of December '22

The closet is one of the largest size furniture in the apartment. It is not easy to find a model that, in size and appearance, will fit well into the space, and at the same time be comfortable on a daily basis. So how to choose the right closet?

Szafa ze szprosami

Closet with muntins

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Made to measure

Just as tailor-made clothes are a perfect fit, a custom-made closet will blend perfectly into any space. A custom-made closet is often the only way to build into difficult spaces such as bevels, corners or unusually low or high ceilings. With a custom-made closet, you can make the most of any space for storage.

Szafa z przeźroczystymi drzwiami

Closet with transparent doors

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Sliding doors

In cramped rooms or narrow hallways, a closet with traditional hinged doors is not a good solution. Sashes of this type need space to open and do not provide convenient access to the contents of the bookcase. It is definitely better to choose sliding doors. In addition, it is very easy to match them stylistically with the interior design. There are many types of glass to choose from, among which all slightly translucent versions are particularly popular.

Szafa z drzwiami przesuwnymi

Closet with sliding doors

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A bookcase adapted to the contents

A customized closet is also a perfectly planned place to store all sorts of large, small and smallest things. Before choosing a closet, we should think about what we want to store in it. Will it be only clothes, or do we also want to store the vacuum cleaner and ironing board in it? We can find the right place for each of these things, as long as we think about it early enough. Choices include sections for hanging long and short clothes, drawers and pull-out shelves, pantograph hangers, a jewelry organizer or hangers for ties, belts and handbags.

Wieszak na krawaty Szuflada na dodatki

Storage solutions

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Integrated lighting

The closet should include lighting. Illuminated rods, glass shelves and drawers are standard. Linear LED lighting also integrates into the walls of the furniture. Light in the closet plays not only a technical role, helping us quickly find the right thing. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

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