Elegant bathroom and hallway with unique decoration. We visit the interiors of the architect

21 of February '24

We have previously presented the living area, kitchen, bedroom and study, as well as one of the bathrooms in the modern classic style interior. Today we conclude our visit to the home of Agnieszka Konieczna, an architect from the Ambience.Interior Design studio, by presenting the second bathroom and the vestibule.

A welcome surprise

Both the bathroom and the hallway are part of the first floor. In the vestibule you will find many elements of classical style, which have been broken with modern accents. Thus, everything creates a harmonious space full of contrasts and character. The leitmotif of this arrangement is stucco. Both the white walls and the coffee-colored ceiling were decorated with it. Decorations in the shape of stucco can even be found on the black cabinet, which contrasts with the rest of the interior. The furniture occupies the entire wall, from the very bottom up to the ceiling. As a result, it can easily accommodate any outer garments. The floor was covered with tiles imitating stone in a coffee shade. As a result, it mirrors the ceiling, giving the room visual coherence.

Na kontrastującej szafce znajduje się zabawna grafika Biało-złote oprawy oświetleniowe dodają przestrzeni elegancji

The contrasting cabinet features a playful graphic design

Photo: Tom Kurek

The element that breaks this traditional character of the arrangement is a striking red cabinet. The furniture is made of metal and its raw form adds a modern twist to the space. The architect placed a playful graphic of a well-known Internet artist with the nickname Rubens był z Bytomia.

- The poster is opposite the window, so guests peeking in to see if we're already going to open the door for them see Roobens first — describes the architect.

Next to the cabinet stand more classic two upholstered poufs. Their gray seats combine beautifully with gold bases. It is also worth noting the lighting used here. Elegant white-gold rounded fixtures gently diffuse the light, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Bathing kingdom

The basis of the bathroom arrangement are large-format tiles imitating brown stone. The white veining contrasts beautifully with the deep shade of the tiles, giving the interior subtlety and lightness. They are counterbalanced by the floor, on which white tiles imitating marble shine elegantly. The focal point of this room is an elegant free-standing bathtub. It was placed on a platform, which further distinguishes this piece of equipment and optically separates the bathing space. It is complemented by a gold-colored standing faucet.

Wanna została ustawiona na podeście

The bathtub has been placed on a platform

Photo: Tom Kurek

Color contrasts

Opposite the bathtub you will find a simple white washbasin cabinet. The light color of the furniture makes the arrangement not overwhelming, despite the small space. The oval ceramic is complemented by a gold washbasin faucet, which refers to the equipment of the bath area. Above the sink the architect placed, a simple large mirror. The panel without any frame covers the wall up to the ceiling, thus optically enlarging the room. The rest of the furniture is kept in black. A capacious enclosure with a simple form was created above the toilet bowl. This is an ideal place to store cleaning products and other necessary, but not too aesthetic things. In the corner a cabinet with a dark wood pattern was designed. The furniture has both closed and open shelves. The latter were made of glass and further highlighted with LED tape. This gives the space a modern and luxurious look. A designer detail is the handle in the shape of an insect. Similar to the ones we could already admire in the living room.

Złote baterie łazienkowe nadają wnętrzu eleganckiego charakteru

Gold bathroom faucets add an elegant touch to the interior

Photo: Tom Kurek

In good light

Again, the cherry on top is the lighting used by Agnieszka Konieczna. Above the bath, there is an impressive lamp in the form of white balls on a golden base. Its shape somewhat resembles a branch decorated with bright flowers. Above the washbasin, hang three long lamps with an oblong shape. Consistently, like the rest of the fixtures, they are kept in shades of white and gold. However, these decorative lamps could fail to provide the adequate lighting needed for a place where daily hygienic activities are performed. So the architect fitted the bathroom with an additional simple white fixture that blends with the bright ceiling.

Nad wanną zawisła dekoracyjna lampa Oprawy oświetleniowe są prawdziwą dekoracją tej aranżacji

The light fixtures are the real decoration of this arrangement

Photo: Tom Kurek

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