Fairytale style master area and children's bathroom

16 of May '23

We have previously presented the living area of an African-inspired house. Today we'll take a look at the private zone of the project by Marta Drzymała of Mum Studio.

Discreet hallway

The axis of the private part of the house is the hallway. Its arrangement is a harbinger of what we will see in the bedroom.

- It was supposed to introduce a relaxing atmosphere. At the same time, I wanted the perception of the interior not to be dominated by a row of doors. It was also necessary to divert attention from the disproportionate height of the room - says Marta Drzymała.

The architect solved this problem with wallpaper. In color it refers to the floor maintained in the aesthetics of concrete, which is found in all rooms except the bedrooms, but with the pattern it takes you to the world of fairy tales. To achieve a unified effect, it was important to use a secret door flush with the wall.

Hol pasuje stylistycznie do sypialni

The hallway matches the bedroom stylistically

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Master zone like a fairy tale

- Next to the kitchen, this is my second favorite room in this house - says Marta Drzymała.

This space is made up of a bedroom with a passage to a dressing room and a bathroom. The whole room is immersed in darker colors, which adds to the coziness. The numerous lamps placed here allow to achieve diverse lighting effects. A large steel chandelier comes to the fore. It is accompanied by discreet slats that illuminate the wallpaper behind the bed headrest. This one was covered with leather with a matte finish. Light also plays in the smoky, brownish mirrors on either side of the furniture. The shimmering panes make the space magically arrive here.

Sypialnia z wyjątkową tapetą Zagłówke łóżka został pokryty skórą

Bedroom with unique wallpaper

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Cozy dressing room

The glass and metal doors to the dressing room (similar to those in the office) are placed in a wall entirely covered with dark veneer. The same material defines the character and color scheme of the entire room. This is another treatment to create a feeling of greater spaciousness and warmth.

Garderoba w ciemnym kolorze

Closet in dark color

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Bathroom full of references

Similar aesthetics can also be found in the bathroom. An interesting treatment is the use of stoneware laid in a herringbone pattern. It refers to the wooden floor of the bedroom. The decorative value of this facing is enhanced by the light seeping from above. The shower wall corresponds to the loft door. In the interest of privacy, the architect used smoked glass here. The veneer we know from the kitchen and dressing room is also making a comeback and the sinter on the countertop has rubbed off like patinated metal.

Łazienka z gresem ułożonym w jodełkę  Spiek na blacie ma przetarcia jak spatynowany metal

Bathroom with stoneware laid in herringbone pattern

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Small designers' bathroom

The children's bathroom was decorated completely differently. Its character is given by specially designed graphics. It was created based on the guidelines of the young users themselves. To ensure that it does not quickly become boring, the choice fell on an unusual marine motif maintained in a rich range of colors. As throughout the house, as important as the visual sphere is functionality.

- Each of the three boys has its own cabinet, with shelves for towels and a basket for laundry, while above, behind the mirror, there are shelves for cosmetics. This solution is conducive to learning how to keep things in order, which is what their mum really wanted - explains Marta Drzymała of Mum Studio.

Grafika została stworzona na podstawie wytycznych dzieci Z łazienki korzysta trzech chlopców

The graphics were created based on the children's guidelines

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

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