Lagoon house filled with natural colors

31 of May '23

The house of 110 m2 is located in Skierniewice. Its undoubted advantage is the picturesque location right on the lagoon itself. Butterfly Studio is responsible for the project.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

The interiors were designed with a family of four and a Corgi dog in mind. The investors spent a large part of their lives in Warsaw. Thus, the house was to be a place of harmony and peace, an escape from the rush of the big city. The biggest advantage of the living area is the view from the large window in the living room. For this reason, a full front door was abandoned in favor of a sliding glass model in an anthracite frame. As a result, more light enters the hallway, and upon entering, we immediately have a view of the greenery.

Do przedpokoju wpada dużo światła dzięki przeszklonym drzwiom wejściowym

A lot of light comes into the hallway thanks to the glass front door

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Colorful accent

The living room with a fireplace is a place to relax and receive guests. This zone is defined by a large gray carpet with ornate fluting. The owners love to spend time with a book in hand or board games with their loved ones. For this reason, a large comfortable gray sofa and a small functional coffee table appeared in this place. The corner fireplace is located on the left side. It is completely built into the white wall and its simple form is contrasted only by the dark color. Right next to it, an alcove has been created for wood storage. In the center of the lounge area, however, is the TV set. The wall on which the screen is located has been covered with an intense dark blue color. It is the only such bold color accent in this room.

Garantowa ściana z telewizorem

Garnet wall with TV set

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Inspiration drawn from nature

The materials used in the design seamlessly relate to the garden, which seeps into the interior through wide balcony windows. For this reason, architects Joanna Felczuk and Anna Baranowska opted to use natural oak, beiges and white. An additional color that appears in the living room, one of the bathrooms and on the tiles in the hallway is blue. Elements of brass, anthracite, steel and Viennese braid were woven into this subtle base. As the owners themselves say, the interiors are warm, homely, soothing, and at the same time have a touch of elegance.

W aranżacji wykorzystano naturalne kolory i materiały

The arrangement uses natural colors and materials

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Beautiful and practical kitchen

The investors enjoy cooking. So the kitchen had to be not only beautiful, but also functional. For this reason, it was designed in a "U" shape to maximize the size of the working space. The countertops are made of conglomerate and the space between the cabinets is made of glass with a Viennese braid motif. This material appears throughout the house. Brass lamps hang above the peninsula, which is reflected in a circular mirror opposite the kitchen. On the dining room side, you'll find vertical milling in the mdf. They allude to the contemporary wainscoting motif. Simple solid wood hockers stood at the peninsula.

Kuchnia w kształcie litery U

U-shaped kitchen

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Natural dining area

The aforementioned dining room fits perfectly into the space. Located between the kitchen and living room, the zone perfectly combines both functions. The large wooden table is complemented by six chairs made of the same material. However, they also have beige upholstery. Above the table hang two boho-style lamps.

Jadalnia z drewnianym stołem

Dining room with a wooden table

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Bathroom with Viennese plaiting

There is one more room provided for on the first floor. It is a guest bathroom. Here the architects opted for wooden cabinets with Viennese plait, white mdf paneling and metal lamps on adjustable arms, which add dynamics.

Plecionka wiedeńska w łazience Łazienka gościnna

Guest bathroom

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

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