Living room with kitchenette combining wood and stone

After a private area consisting of a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom, we present a living room with a kitchenette designed by KODO studio.

Salon został podzielony na strefyThe living room has been divided into zones


Living room

The arrangement of the apartment has several leadingthemes . Among those in the foreground are the pattern of wood interspersed with the rough texture of stone, the vertical fluting of furniture fronts, the corresponding openwork construction of selected elements, as well as the consistently repeated soft ovals and curves. The living room has been divided into zones - relaxation with RTV wall and dining room. In the space intended for relaxation you will find a gray sofa, an original TV cabinet and coffee tables. The whole is complemented by modern, minimalist lighting. Also worth noting is the use of wallpaper with a concrete motif.

W strefie odpoczynku znajdziemy tapetę imitującą beton

In the rest area you will find wallpaper imitating concrete



Here, too, we will find a combination of two main themes. Wood has a definite dark color here, while stone is scrolled in the kitchen countertops and in the fireplace lining. In addition to these, you will also find steel and glass in the kitchen. Such juxtapositions create interesting contrasts. The same is true of the furniture fronts in dark and light shades. They have been decorated with vertical grooves. As a result, they form an elegant pair with the furniture in the living room. In the annex you will also find an original sideboard, which gives the whole a designer flair, as well as a capacious furniture cabinet. Under the countertop, however, hides a display case facing the living room and a wine refrigerator.

Centralnym miejscem kuchni jest wyspa

The centerpiece of the kitchen is an island


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