Apartment in shades of sage

29 of May '23

The 60-square-meter interior designed by jlw studio is located in Warsaw. It is dominated by Scandinavian minimalism with lots of white and black accessories. The whole is complemented by wood, as well as color accents of sage.

We wnętrzu panuje skandynawski minimalizm wzbogacony o barwne akcenty

The interior is dominated by Scandinavian minimalism enriched with colorful accents

Photo: Ula Mróz

Fruitful cooperation

Karolina and Damien bought a developer's apartment for comprehensive finishing. Already at the beginning of their cooperation with architect Joanna Lemka-Wójcik they managed to determine the color scheme and key finishing materials.

-These are the kind of investors I wish for every architect. They have a taste that coincides with mine and appreciate quality products, materials and solutions - says the designer.

Tiles were laid right next to the front door. Further on, however, you will find French herringbone. As a result, while staying in the apartment, all communication between the living area and the bathroom and bedrooms is carried out on a warm, cozy parquet floor. At the same time, the entrance area, which is exposed to moisture, is covered with graphite "spotted" tiles in the terazzo style.

W mieszkaniu znalazło się również miejsce dla kota

The apartment also has room for a cat

Photo: Ula Mróz

Kitchen without a window? Not a problem

The investors wanted a large kitchen with a convenient worktop and many cabinets for storage. The design challenge turned out to be the creation of a bright, airy kitchen despite the lack of a window in this part of the living area. The best solution turned out to be a U-shaped kitchen with a worktop and table combined with an island. The white countertop was made of quartz conglomerate and the cabinet fronts featured oak veneer. The monochromatic color scheme of the kitchen is broken by upholstered sage chairs.

Kuchnia w kształcie litery U

U-shaped kitchen

Photo: Ula Mróz

Practically changes

Karolina and Damien work remotely a lot, so two comfortable, separate workspaces were mandatory in the design. The architect recommended moving the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom by 25 cm from the layout proposed by the developer. This made it possible to create a comfortable workspace in the bedroom. The location of the bathroom radiator was also changed. This provided additional storage space in the recess above the washing machine. The door openings have been minimally moved so that they face the floor borders, which is clearly visible when looking from the living room towards the hallway.

Plan architektoniczny

Architectural plan

© jlw studio

Relaxing colors

A large gray carpet delineates the lounge area. It features a sage sofa, which relates in color to the chairs in the kitchen. The whole is complemented by a black coffee table and RTV cabinet. Navy blue curtains add a touch of another color to the arrangement. Right next to them there is a place for another resident, a beautiful cat.

Szałwiowa kanapa Miejsce dla kota

Sage sofa and place for the cat

Photo: Ula Mróz

Bedroom with a place to work

The bedroom was decorated in shades of white. In its center is a large bed with a wooden headrest in the form of lamellas. They can also be used as a shelf, which saves space in a rather small space. One of the places for a home office is right in the bedroom. The home office is located just below the window, so you can work in daylight. The narrow white desk is complemented by a comfortable gray armchair, as well as a trolley and board for all the necessary accessories.

W sypialni znajduje się kącik do pracy

The bedroom has a place for working

Photo: Ula Mróz

Diverse bathroom

In the bathroom you will find three types of tiles. The floor was covered with dark tiles with a distinct pattern. The walls have been mostly decorated with large tiles in a light shade with a pattern alluding to the one on the floor, but in a much softer edition. The most eye-catching, however, are the blue and mint tiles in the bath area. The white capacious cabinetry is complemented by light wood elements and black accessories.

Strefa kąpielowa została wyłożona miętowymi płytkami W łazience wykorzystano trzy rodzaje płytek

Three types of tiles were used in the bathroom

Photo: Ula Mróz

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